Trips to the Mountains close to Barcelona with Kids

Here at Mammaproof International, we never need an excuse to get into the car and go in search of nature! Breathe in the fresh air, take a picnic, stroll through the woods … all of these fantastic experiences are right up our street!

We understand though that if you’re not from here that it can sometimes be hard to know exactly where to go! So here’s a quick summary of some ideal places to get out into the mountains around Barcelona with the kids…

1) Pla de la Calma

Approximately 30-45 minutes from Barcelona, ​​in the Montseny region (North West of Barcelona roughly towards Vic) this is a good excursion for the whole family. Take a short walk up the Turó del Tagamanent to enjoy the views and enjoy some food in the restaurant El Bellver, which has highchairs and a games room for children.

More info here.

2) Parc Natural del Garraf

The Parc Natural del Garraf is about 30mins south of Barcelona, roughly inland from Sitges. First of all we suggest that you stop and have a traditional brunch at the restaurant Ermità de Brugués. Fuel up for the excursion ahead! It’s an easy and fun walk (30min – 1h) to the castle of l’Eramprunyà.

More info here.

3) Gualba Environmental Park  / Parque medioambiental de Gualba

Within the protected area of ​​Montseny, 60km  from Barcelona. There is a picnic area and barbecues all in an idyllic surrounding with a river nearby. From there, if you want to walk, there are three very comfortable routes that can be done even with a pushchair. There is also a restaurant, children’s play area and, in summer, two swimming pools (although you have to pay for the entrance).

More info here.

4)  Subirans i el Montnegre

North of Barcelona, inland from the Maresme Coast is ‘Arenys de Munt’. From here you can drive a short distance to the ‘Subirans’. Leave your car here and and try out some of the routes that start from this point. Later, if you fancy a bite to eat, the Subirans restaurant is perfect for children.

More info here.

5) ‘El Sot de l’Infern’ route in Montseny

This route was recommended to us by Gemma and is perfect for autumn or spring, There’s century-old chestnut trees, bridges, stone and wooden huts and a well maintained circular walk which is ideal for children who want to start hiking in the mountains. When you finish, there is a picnic area with children’s play area and an information centre ‘Fogars de Montclús’.

More info here.

6) Ruta Camina Descalç en Arbúcies

This is a really original experience! Not far from Arbucies in the Montseny region within the Parc La Selva de l’Aventur, you can get in touch with nature in the most natural way by doing a barefoot walk! Another route recommended to us by Gemma and is suitable for all the family. A definite win!

More info here

7) A Trip to the Castle of Montsoriu

Also in Montensy region, this is a 45 minute walk from the small town of Breda to the castle and is simple route also suitable for buggies (if you are willing to push!).

More info here.

8)  Pantano de Vallvidrera

Thanks to Ferran for reminding us of this beautiful excursion in the Collserola hills! It can be reached by public transport from Barcelona (just take the FFCC, to Baixador de Vallvidrera). From there there’s a lovely quiet walk and it doesn’t take long to  reach the small lake/ swamp. With great views it’s nice sit and have lunch on the shore. A good plan for any afternoon!

More info here.

9) An easy and circular route in Collserola

A simple route that can be reached by public transport from Barcelona (take the FFCC, to Baixador de Vallvidrera). This is a circular walk through the mountains ideal for all ages and perfect if you want to escape the city for a few hours.  A good incentive for the kids is to tell them to listen out for the sounds of boars!

More info here.

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