Things to do with your baby: Art galleries/exhibitions

In the first months of my daughter’s life, I spent a lot of time in various art galleries and exhibitions. At that age they are the best company for this type of activity! Obviously, you can’t debate the intentions of the artist or the political background of his work with them, but they are very kind companions 😊.

I recommend putting them into a baby carrier (while the museum staff look after your stroller), so that you can move around freely and most likely your baby will fall asleep due to your body’s warmth and movements.

If you need to feed your baby, you can do it on one of the many benches that are usually dotted around in the gallery rooms. Most museums also have changing facilities.

My favorite places to visit are the Fundació Miró, the MACBA, the CCCB or the L’Auditori but keep an eye out because the city never stops having new and interesting art exhibitions.

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