Meeting your tribe… the experiences of an international Mum

There is nothing better than having people near you who are going through the same stage of life as you. It could be women that inspire you, who you can go to for advice or simply who you can chat to over a cup of coffee.

Some of my best friends are mothers with children, the same age as my child and generally we have first met by the beach, in the park, at a yoga class, at mama coffee mornings or at the nursery. These friends are invaluable to me, especially as my family is far away and not often here to spend time with or to help. My friends partly replace my family here and we spend weekends together away in the mountains and at beaches or celebrate special occasions like birthdays or Christmas together.

I can only recommend you to do the same. There are tons of fantastic groups online within Barcelona which are a fabulous source of information and support (see below) Join activities, especially for mothers and babies, make friends in workshops, talks and groups. Don’t be shy to approach other mums in the park, the market and the library. Finding your tribe is a wonderful thing that I cannot shout about enough…

Here are a few of suggestions on where to meet new mamas or mamas to be:

Fitness Groups

Organised Meet Ups Café con leche Mornings

Online groups








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