Gualba Environmental Park/Parque medioambiental de Gualba

A great spot to explore and immerse yourself in nature is the Environmental Park of Gualba, a protected area within the Parque Natural del Montseny (Montseny Natural Park), around 60km from Barcelona and 50km from Girona.

The park used to belong to the RACC and was known by this name. It was closed to the public for a year but thankfully it was taken over by new owners and reopened in 2014. The great thing about getting to this park is that you don’t have to take lots of winding roads, which is typical of the Montseny area, and once you leave the main motorway you’ll be here in no time.

To access the park you have to pay an entrance fee that allows you to use the picnic and BBQ areas, well worth it.

For us, the main attraction of the park is the river. It has lots of rocks which make it a lot of fun to explore, play, and fish leaves! Depending on the time of year you can also take a refreshing dip. The picnic area is nice and spacious with lots of tables and grilling areas to BBQ. There are also cafes which serve coffee and ice creams as well as a restaurant which, according to the website, serves homemade ecological food (but we haven’t tried it!).

Like the rest of the food spots in the park, it is a good idea to get to the picnic area early and “reserve” your table by laying down a table cloth and/or some dishes, and if you have a parasol it’s a good idea to bring that along, especially in the summer months, so you can stay cool in the shade.

In terms of activities, there are three stroller/pushchair friendly trails as well as a children’s park. There are also two swimming pools (open in summer) where you can take a dip surrounded by mountains! Pool access costs €3 per child and €3.50 per adult.

It is honestly such a great excursion; we came back feeling happy, re-energized and ready for more!

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